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Guest Post – Tammy Karasek

July 30th, 2012

Are You Taking Care of the Least of These? Do you know of a child who has an absent parent or being raised by grandparents?  Maybe it’s a child at...

  • Most Important – Parenting Success

    “I recognize that my role as parent is the most important in my child’s life. I do not allow others to take my role as parent away from me, nor…

  • Less Is More – Parenting Success

    “For our family’s schedule, less is more. We all need adequate time to rest, reflect, and recharge our batteries. Our schedule allows us time for ourselves and for each other.”…

  • Remain Calm – Parenting Success

    “I remain calm despite the storms that may blow around me. When life brings chaos and confusion, I control myself and do not get swept up in what is happening…

  • Guide Rather Than Direct – Parenting Success

    “I use my words to guide rather than direct. My words can provide opportunities for thinking and growth, or they can deny those opportunities.” Dr. Nicole Beurkens, Parent Success Cards,…

  • Favorite Quotes Regarding Writing

    When you are nearing the end of a book writing journey, one tends to become so involved in the manuscript, life as otherwise known, screeches to a halt (at least for me). . . I’m simply taking a break and posting to let my subscribers know I continue to breathe, and I’m glad breathing is an automatic thing.

  • Thought for the Day ~ Ann Voskamp

    I met an incredible young woman while attending the ‘She Speaks’ conference earlier this year, Ann Voskamp. I’ve only started reading Ann Voskamp’s book, “One Thousand Gifts,” yet I find…

  • Quote Tuesday ~ Richard Evans

    “Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.” – Richard Evans

  • My Grown Up Advent Calendar – December 21

    You have always cared for the least among us. So much so, You allowed Your Son to be announced by angels, yet born in a stable. The greatest King who ever has been or ever will be, born to the humble and worshiped by the poor.


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