Behind the Bell – Second Day of Ringing


Observations from 12 Days of Ringing the Kettle Bell for the Salvation Army
My second day of ringing the kettle bell brought an extra awareness of what I refer to as face value. You know, what your facial expression is adding to your appearance, sometimes without you even being aware.
Face value became very noticeable to me while ringing the bell. I’ve noticed how someone’s expression changes with a cherry “Good morning!” or “Merry Christmas!”
I’ve also noticed how much a smiling expression changes the appearance of people’s faces…rendering some almost unrecognizable from their unsmiling selves. Simply amazing.
It is almost like a transformation occurs when someone smiles. When entering or exiting the store, a new smile seems to lighten their step and lift their spirit.
As we go about our busy holiday schedules, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could actually lighten the burden of even one person we met along the way each day? It is my goal for this Christmas season.
Do you have a Salvation Army or sharing a smile story to share? Please comment below. I love to hear from you!
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The Salvation Army has a devoutly religious mission, rooted in its founding in 1865 by an evangelical protestant minister, William Booth, whose early motivation was to convert poor Londoners — and eventually prostitutes, gamblers and alcoholics — to Christianity. Recognizing that his followers needed more than just religion to improve their lives — and that the way to attract the destitute was the provide services — Booth provided meals, clothing and other assistance to his early converts. The Salvation Army is now the second largest charitable organization in the United States. (TIME magazine)


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