BEHIND THE BELL – Seventh Day of Ringing


Observations from 12 Days of Ringing the Kettle Bell for The Salvation Army
My seventh day of ringing the kettle bell brought the story of a volunteer firefighter from the greater Holland, Michigan area. I was given permission to share his insights but he wishes to remain anonymous.
The firefighter came in with a long list in his hand. When he heard the bell ringing, he looked around the area I was ringing in until he found the kettle. He smiled and started walking towards it.
He stated what a great organization The Salvation Army was, professionally and personally. I asked what his experience with them had been. Tears swelled in his eyes immediately.
“Every time we are called out, whether to a house fire or an accident, it doesn’t matter, The Salvation Army is there. They are usually on the scene before all the emergency vehicles arrive. They truly care about the people involved. They are there for us and the victims. I’ve seen it throughout my career. They are such good people. I will always contribute to the kettle.”
I was struck by the sincerity of the firefighter’s words. His emotions were evident. The Salvation Army seems to bring that out in people.
Do you have a Salvation Army to share? I love hearing from you.
* * * * *
“The most visible Salvation Army disaster service is often the hot meals and cold drinks served from a Salvation Army mobile kitchen to disaster survivors and emergency personnel. The Salvation Army “canteen” is a full service “kitchen-on-wheels” that can prepare and serve approximately 1,500 meals a day. For larger feeding operations, The Salvation Army employs 54’ tractor-trailer field kitchens that can produce tens of thousands of meals per day.” (Courtesy of The Salvation Army website)


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