BEHIND THE BELL – Tenth Day of Ringing


Observations from 12 Days of Ringing the Kettle Bell for The Salvation Army
My tenth day of ringing the kettle bell brought a story regarding The Salvation Army’s Senior Services.
Many customers seem eager to share their Salvation Army stories, but A.J. was different. She donated as she passed the kettle, offering a genuine smile but no words. It wasn’t until a week later that A.J. stopped to chat. She spoke quietly.
“Every time I see the kettle, I can’t help but think of my mother,” said A.J., as she made her donation. “They were so helpful to us while she lived alone. I just moved here, but before my mother died, The Salvation Army (Community Care) used to visit my mom. She looked forward to those visits. It meant a lot to her…and to me. I will always try to donate.”
Her sincerity was obvious, as we continued to chat. I had never heard of the caring home visits to the elderly, invalid or shut-in. Such a loving outreach to the community. I was amazed.
Do you have a Salvation Army story to share? Please feel free to comment below.
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“The Salvation Army helps our seniors in many ways. The Community Care Ministries (also known as the League of Mercy) volunteer visitation program provides companionship and comfort to those who are elderly, invalid or otherwise shut-in. This simple kindness of sharing human company helps to combat loneliness or despair as seniors age.” Courtesy of The Salvation Army website


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