Behind the Bell – Third Day of Ringing


Observations from 12 Days of Ringing the Kettle Bell for The Salvation Army
My third day of ringing the kettle bell brought the story of K.W. and one of the many ways The Salvation Army offers hardship assistance. K.W. shared his personal story with me, face-to-face, and gave me permission to share the story with you, as a testament to the work of The Salvation Army, and why he never passes a kettle without donating what he can.
K.W. works as an independent contractor in newspaper delivery and sales. He is responsible for a large metro area and supports his family on his income. They live lean and “don’t have a lot of cushion.”
When K.W. had a heart attack, he was hospitalized and unable to work for 45 days. His hospitalization and recovery time not only made week to week living tough, it led to their utilities being shut off during the winter. K.W. was finally able to pull together the $190 to enable the utilities to be turned back on, but then the provider demanded to over $500 in overdue payments. K.W. was at a loss as to how he could possibly scrape up the money.
Enter The Salvation Army. After applying for assistance and a personal interview, The Salvation Army was able to help K.W. and his family get back on their feet. They paid their utilities in full.
As K.W.’s eyes brimmed with tears, he told me, “The Salvation Army are good people. They treat you with respect. They do all they can to help you. I can never repay them for their kindness to my family but I will never pass a kettle at Christmas time without giving what I can.”
In a quote from their website: “The Salvation Army is a charity-based organization that provides financial assistance with energy bills. The assistance is geared to people who are facing a financial crisis and are at risk of losing gas or electric services. The agency also aims to address underlying causes of financial stress through an array of programs and supports in an attempt to reduce the chances of a future crisis.”
The Salvation Army’s national toll-free number can be contacted at 800-958-7825 to find the closest office, for anyone needing assistance.
Do you have a (personal) Salvation Army assistance story to share? I’d love to hear from you.
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The Salvation Army’s founder General William Booth talked about three S’s which he believed best expressed the way The Salvation Army helped the less fortunate. These three S’s stood for ‘Soup’, ‘Soap’ and ‘Salvation’.


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