Quote Tuesday – Jahn and Kim de Blecourt


“It was compassion that opened our hearts to adoption, it was love that insisted we stay, and it was God that brought us home.” ~ Jahn and Kim de Blecourt, regarding her year-long stay in Ukraine adopting their son.


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  1. Rika says:

    Are you my cousin and your father is uncle Jaap from Holland Michigan.
    If yes, I am Rika from Holland. How are you? I hope you are well. The weather will be winter I suppose. Here you can it is during the day like spring but now it has been frozen a little.
    Now lots of greetings from Rika and see or hear from you soon.

  2. Aneta Popa says:

    Hello Kim ,
    My name is Aneta and I am from Poland but living in Canada .I am happily married and we have a 7 yearsvold son .I just finished reading your book about Jake’s adoption. Its a wonderful book .I have to congratulate you on your determination and incredible love that you have for God .Your book was not an accident it came to me in the right time.I needed it to realize that i have forgotten God and his love for us.I used be close to God .
    You are an amazing woman who inspire others .Although the adoption journey was very exhausted you have never gave up .
    Please give me an advice how to fulfill myself with God and how to find out what is his plan for me .How to introduce God to my son.
    Thank you for sharing and writing this wonderful wonderful book .
    kind regards,

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