Apply the Anti-Adoption Mentality to Education


What if a media conglomerate came out with a headline story covering every one of their media outlets stating that educating our children was leading to them being harmed in some life-altering way? According to The Condition of Education 2012 report, nearly 100% of U.S. children are being educated. Every child that had been harmed by parents, other children, drugs, alcohol, etc., was also being educated. Wow, there has to be a connection!
First, rants would start appearing on social media, connecting to blog posts of even longer rants. The frequent misspellings would simply indicate the anger behind the new “converts” against all education, everywhere.
Before you know it, signs would be popping up in front of your local school with slogans like “Education kills!” and “No education for my kids!” and “Do you really think because you home school, you’re kids are safe?”
Next, the celebrity spokesperson would appear, fresh from the grocery store tabloids. They would tearfully share how they believe not educating their child at all, saved their child’s life. After all, a school in a neighboring state had a shooting where many were injured. It was only a matter of time before it happened at one of their neighborhood school buildings or homes.
Groups would be formed. They would propose and fund tilted research studies “proving” the connection behind any form of education and harm to children. They would demand to be heard at every local city hall and school board meeting and even in our country’s capital. A few would even find an international stage.
Of course, the anti-educationalists would deny they were anti-educational. They were simply trying to keep all children safe.
What happens next? Not much. Some children are denied an education. Some parents are jailed for truancy issues. But, thankfully, most recognize that children need education to prosper and thrive, much like they need families.
Sounds unbelievable, right? Sadly, it’s not.
Credit: This post was totally inspired by Lucy Hornstein’s MD, June 9, 2014, blog post entitled “Applying the anti-vaccine mentality to car seats”


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