Continued Suspension for DRC Adopted Children


A must share notice from the Both Ends Burning organization:
“Both Ends Burning statement on the continued suspension of exit permits for adopted children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Both Ends Burning is greatly disappointed to learn that DRC’s Government has elected to indefinitely continue its suspension of exit permits for adopted children, as reported by the US Department of State in its September 29 alert.
We are disheartened by the refusal of President Kabila to engage with Secretary Kerry to resolve this crisis during his recent visit to the United Nations General Assembly and the continued refusal of DRC officials to actively engage with the US Department of State to address and resolve purported concerns.
Both Ends Burning maintains its commitment to advocate for the adopted Congolese children who are unable to emigrate from DRC with their adoptive families because of this suspension.
In order to resolve this crisis, Both Ends Burning calls upon:
– President Obama to engage directly with President Kabila in requesting an end to the suspension of exit permits.
– President Kabila and the Government of DRC to engage with Secretary Kerry and the US Department of State on this crisis and find a speedy resolution that focuses solely on the best interests of the adoptive children.
– Director General Francois Beya of DRC’s Directorate of General Migration (DGM) to immediately issue exit permits to medically fragile children.
– The Government of DRC to renounce all possibility that children who have already been legally adopted under DRC’s existing laws may be required to repeat the legal process of adoption subject to future laws or regulations regarding adoption.
– All U.S. adoption agencies to immediately stop accepting new applications for adoptions from DRC and to redirect any families that do not yet have referrals until the crisis is resolved and a clear process for resumption is in place.
– All waiting adoptive parents to fully comply with all laws and regulations of the United States and the DRC. Both Ends Burning does not support or encourage any attempt by adoptive parents to leave DRC with their children, or for arrangements to be made for children to leave via escorts, without a valid and legally issued exit permit issued by DGM in Kinshasa. Adoptive families that do not respect the laws of DRC risk being subject to criminal child trafficking charges in DRC and the possible reversal of their adoption by DRC. They also may jeopardize the children whose families are respecting the laws and regulations of the DRC.
– Members of Congress to consider extraordinary actions to end this crisis, should it become necessary to do so. These actions might include, but should not be limited to, the following:
a. Legislation to provide US citizenship and US passports for children who have been legally adopted in DRC and have satisfied all US requirements for the issuance of an orphan visa by the Department of State;
b. A strategy to make US appropriations that support the DRC contingent upon resolution of this crisis. However, Both Ends Burning advocates that there be no adverse impact to any appropriations designated to assist vulnerable people in DRC;
c. Limiting or suspending the issuance of visas for DRC citizens to enter the United States.”
Thank you, Both Ends Burning, for issuing the statements necessary to voice our extreme opposition to how the DRC is using their own (already adopted) children as pawns. Thank you for doing the job of the Office of Children’s Issues, a task they refuse to do. Thank you leading the way for Congressional and Senatorial awareness and action.


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