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“I thought of you watching the news tonight, Kim. It’s just terrible what’s happening in Ukraine.”
I have received this and many similar comments since the crisis in Ukraine began. I’ve made my feelings clear through my social media accounts — I support an independent Ukraine. I have a few friends who were in Independence Square during the fighting. I have many more friends, Ukrainian and American, praying for the final outcome of Russia’s actions. However, something else has been gnawing at my heart lately.
I believe the situation in Ukraine is worse than anyone is currently reporting.
I have been told that the social systems in Ukraine are suffering. I am concerned for those who depend on help from the country of Ukraine. Especially, the orphaned.
Our adopted son’s older, half-sister, Svetlana, has been living in a tuberculosis hospital in Odessa, Ukraine, for the last few months. She has reported that since the crisis began last November, many of the staff in her hospital have not been paid. They are naturally having to find other ways to feed their families. Some have stopped reporting to work.
What other institutions aren’t being supported?
This has led to a decrease of systems within the TB hospital. Svetlana shared the photo below — her hospital breakfast and lunch…

crackers. They simply threw them on her bed and told her to “make them last.”
Svetlana is fighting TB; fighting for her life. Her right lung needs to be removed, due to its many open sores (which could lead to infection). However, her left lung is now sick, and it is not able to support her pulmonary system until it is healed. She needs extra nutrition, not crackers. She needs high level, skilled care.
Together, we can save her life.
For the first-time ever, I have started a crowd sourcing campaign to Help Svetlana. She has found a private doctor/clinic that can provide the kind of care she needs. She needs treatment for two years — minimum. She needs healthy food on a regular basis. She needs to boost her body weight (she is down to only 37 kilos). She needs healing. She needs to know someone cares for her.
Together, we can offer her care.
Svetlana has prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and accepted the Lord, but she has no one to visit her on a regular basis and help her grow in her faith. She is trying to keep her new faith in God alive.
Together, we can be the hands of God.
We welcome your help, and you can help in many ways:
– Financial contribution
– Prayer
– Social media
– Media Contacts
– Your creative thoughts
If you would like to learn more, please visit our campaign for Svetlana at: HELP SVETLANA
Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Svetlana.


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