Posting Policy


About leaving comments on NourishingHearts…I believe that when you post on any blog, you are ‘visiting someone else’s house.’ They represent you and are a permanent record of who you are and what you represent. Make sure what you say adds value. Be gracious and polite.
I want to communicate to readers of NourishingHearts where I stand:
1. I love comments on this blog – they are as important as anything I or my guest bloggers write. They add to the knowledge and community that we have here. If you want to comment then you’re more than welcome – whether you feel you are a beginner or an expert – feel free to ask your question or say your piece.
2. I delete spam – I have spam filters which automatically catch the majority of automated spam comments. I will delete any spam that slips through any filters immediately.
3. Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged – if you’re leaving a comment on my blogs and want to point to a link on your own or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves the blog.
4. Irrelevant links are not encouraged – if you leave a comment with a link in it that has no relevance to the post you’re commenting on, it will be deleted.
There is a fine line in moderating comments – and I want to be transparent. I actually wish I didn’t have to have a comments policy, but such is life in the net world.


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