Hindsight is a gift often overlooked.
With hindsight, we appreciate our past. Not everything that happened in it, but what we’ve learned from it.
Hindsight provides a peek into what God sees. God is able to see the past, present and future; all together, all at the same time. It explains so much about his character. God always has the benefit of hindsight.
With hindsight, we can scan through memories, as if in edit mode, pausing where we choose.
In order to benefit fully from hindsight, however, we must be in a good place in our present. That’s where I find my family today, five years after our confinement to our apartment just outside Odessa, Ukraine, had ended, after the warrant had been officially cancelled and after our new and final adoption decree had been issued.
Are we in a perfect place? No. We are still inhabitant’s of earth, after all. But we are in a good place, on solid footing. We have found our new normal.
Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing videos from our adoption journey. This first video captured some of very first minutes with our son, many while he still lived in an orphanage in Izmail, Ukraine. It is my prayer that sharing our videos will inspire and encourage.
No matter what — and I know some of you are struggling with painful, hard circumstances right now — God is in your midst. He wants to be the one you turn to, cry out to, lean on and depend on.
My prayer for you is the miraculous gift of hindsight. When your season of trial has passed and you look back over your journey, may you find God’s fingerprints everywhere.


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