The Call I Didn’t Want to Get


“You want me to do what?!” I was instantly filled with disbelief, pain, confusion and anger….all at once.
That was my intensely human response to God’s calling for me to minister to the orphaned in Ukraine.
Our international adoption was a long and painful journey which ended in my living in Ukraine for almost one year, separated from my husband and our young daughter in the (very Russian) sector of the Odessa Oblast. It was so unusual, our story was published by Hachette/Faithwords in “Until We All Come Home.”
I have long considered Ukraine a sort of second home. I have returned there, mainly during “Svetlana’s” TB illness. However, I never heard God’s distinct call for me to minister in Ukraine until 2013. And, well, I totally failed on answering his call.
My second response was not any better.
“Haven’t I done my time in Ukraine?” Ouch. Painful truth here. Yes. I said that to my Savior.
I don’t know about you, but when God is “asking” me to do something for him, he starts to make his desires known…distinctly.
You see, I was trying to get around his calling. I tried to keep doing what I thought was great orphan care work, but on a much more international basis. That wasn’t working out well for me.
Then, I tried to make that fit my call to minister to Ukraine. That failed as well.
Then, the unthinkable happened. The one orphan I loved most, died. When “Svetlana” died last June in Odessa, I was crushed. Suddenly, my heart was ripped open again for those orphaned in Ukraine to the deepest level…ever.
It wasn’t long after that I surrendered. I left my international orphan care organization. I opened my heart to whatever God ha planned for His work in Ukraine. What has happened since has been breath-taking. My journey with God has taken such a fantastic turn once again.
New ministering opportunities have emerged beautifully. I look forward to sharing more on each Ukraine opportunity soon, each one receiving their own individual post.
I travel back to Ukraine soon. I ask for your prayer for my family, and for me to get out of God’s way so he can effectively work through me during my time there. We serve such an awesome God!
Please enjoy the video embedded in the photo above. Jake learned so much English through singing. Simply position your cursor over the photo, and the video PLAY button will appear.
We are growing closer to our 5 year anniversary of being home with Jake. This video always makes me smile;-) Music is definitely a gift from Him.
Here’s to saying “Yes, God.”


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